Madonna goes up on stage 3:30 late in Paris and arouses controversy on the Internet


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Madonna was in concert in Paris on Saturday February 22, as part of her “Madame X Tour” tour. The singer arrived on stage three and a half hours late. A situation that has not failed to make users react.

For the first of the twelve concerts she has to give in Paris as part of her “MadameX Tour”, Madonna appeared on stage three and a half hours late, reports France Bleu. In question, technical problems, depending on production.

“Tables had to be modified, leading to new repetitions. Madonna is really demanding. She wanted everything to be perfect for this first Parisian date. She worked with her dancers and musicians until 9 p.m. this evening. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, she had already rehearsed four hours each time, “a technician told AFP.

Nearly 2,800 spectators were forced to wait for the singer. Many have taken it with philosophy, as Le Parisien reports:

“From the start, we knew it was going to be complicated for schedules. Paris has always been special, but the show is huge. Delays are part of the character, she’s a diva, we don’t hold it against her, ”says Stephen, a fan who attended his 51st concert.

But on social networks, the controversy quickly took over, and many Internet users wanted to give their opinion. Some people find this lack of punctuality scandalous:

Others pointing to recurring delays:

Others who prefer to use humor:


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