Macron driver convicted of “refusing to comply” after fleeing police check


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A driver of the French presidency, who fled a traffic control when he returned home in a service car, speeding, the beacon activated, was sentenced on February 24 for refusing to comply, while that the accused denied having received a stop order, says Mediapart.

After a driver by Emmanuel Macron made the headlines having driven at high speed aboard a company car in Sèvres, in the Hauts-de-Seine, in February 2019, running red lights to return to his home, he has just been sentenced for refusing to comply with the police during a traffic stop, announced Mediapart. He was fined 500 euros and suspended for four months.

He was traveling at 150 km / h with the beacon on

Affiliated with the Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic, Stéphane P. appeared on February 24 before the 11th correctional chamber of the court of Nanterre, indicates the media. His lawyer justified the excessive speed, namely 150 km / h, by “operational requirements”. As the driver explained, he intended to return home as soon as possible after a mission completed late:

“Mr. [Macron, ndlr] had imperatives in the evening. I put it on the porch [de l’Élysée, ndlr] at one in the morning, “he said.

To “sink the two reds”, he also turned on the beacon on the Peugeot 107. After having spotted the car traveling at excessive speed, the police set out in pursuit of the vehicle. However, they failed to catch him and lost sight of him near the Velizy 2 shopping center on the N118.

Despite the failed prosecution, the license plate was lifted and checked. It was a “vehicle of the office of the President of the Republic”. The driver was also later identified.

Discrepancies in testimonies

During the hearing on January 13, Stéphane P. did not admit the facts by swearing that he had not seen the police on the road and that he had received no order from him stop, the remarks being supported by his lawyer Me Jean-Baptiste Iosca. However, he was able to recognize the misuse of the flashing light, a device supposed to be used for an emergency.

In addition to the conviction, the driver of the French presidency said he was penalized by his employer for the improper use of the flashing light. He claimed to have been suspended from his duties for two weeks at the presidency and for 10 days at the gendarmerie. However, contacted by Mediapart in the context of a previous revelation in May 2019, the Elysee Palace denied that Stéphane P. had been suspended.

Believing that the file contains “many inconsistencies and contradictions”, the lawyer is preparing to plead the release on appeal, specifies Mediapart.


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