Low number of new cases of coronavirus in Hubei


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The number of newly confirmed coronavirus infections in China’s Hubei Province, the site of the disease’s outbreak, fell for the third consecutive day, according to the provincial public health committee.

Daily statistics show that on February 12, when the district first published data using the new clinical diagnosis method, the number of new cases detected daily rose sharply to 14840, 1,332 of which were clinically diagnosed, and the next day, February 13, The index fell until 4823 ((3 095, February 14 – to 2420 (1138), and February 15 – until 1843 (888), According to a report The Commission.

Earlier this week, the Hubei Provincial Health Committee reported that the number of confirmed cases now includes those diagnosed using the new method, resulting in an almost nine-fold increase in the number of cases on February 12 that exceeded February 11.

Later, the leading epidemiologist at the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China, Zeng Guang, explained that the new method of so-called clinical diagnosis means that a person is included in the list of confirmed cases if he has clinical symptoms, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, even if he Crown virus DNA testing does not give a positive result.

According to him, there are patients whose laboratory detection of coronavirus is very slow, they cannot be excluded, and they must be isolated quickly, because until their disease is confirmed, they can contribute to the spread of the disease in society.


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