Lokeren fans cancel consultation with board: “Our trust is gone” | Proximus League


“After a turbulent Saturday evening it was agreed to sit together again tonight to present a number of grievances and discuss them,” a group of Lokeren fans opened the announcement.

“From that evening until today, there has been very intense consultation between a very diverse group of committed supporters to discuss what the pain points, disappointments, fears and other expectations are towards the board.”

“In the end, we have decided not to go into tonight’s planned consultation for the time being. The main reason for this is that our confidence in the board is currently gone.”

“As committed and connected supporters, we are well placed to receive similar signals from different groups. We notice that this does not only apply to many supporters, but also to business partners, youth workers, parents of youth players, the city council and also for many (voluntary) employees. On the other hand, we notice that there is also distrust from the board towards supporters and other stakeholders. ”

“There are many pertinent questions burning on our lips, but for now we are just asking one very clear: how are you going to rebuild trust between all stakeholders? What will you do in concrete terms so that trust can grow again?”

“We are of the opinion that without an impetus to give real substance to that confidence, it makes little sense to discuss substantive matters further today. We therefore hope to get an answer to this question and would like to discuss this with the chairman before 15 February. and the directors enter into dialogue during a new consultation. ”

“We are happy to work from everyone’s role to a future-oriented, socially and regionally embedded family club that we can rightly be proud of and that is based on mutual trust and a common project.”


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