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The teams of Milan and Juventus play with a score of 1: 0 in the second semi-final of the Italian Cup. We from we will follow all the interesting things from the meeting for you here.

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In the second minute of the meeting came the first chance for the hosts. Frank Cassie took the ball about 25 meters from Buffon’s door and fired a powerful shot that went very close to Juventus’ door.

The Rossoneri continued to be a more active team and in the next few minutes came up with new chances. Ante Rebir delivered a slight blow straight into Buffon’s hands, and just a minute later Chalhanoglu’s shot was blocked by Juve’s goal line.

In the 22nd minute came another good chance. After a multi-pass combination, Frank Cassie again knocked the ball over the boundary of the penalty area and found David Calabria. He controlled and fired immediately, but his nice solid shot was cleverly knocked out by Buffon in the corner.

Six minutes later, the situation at the door of the Old Lady continued. After a stolen ball from Chalhanoglu high on the pitch, he found Ibrahimovic. The Swede looked around and found Ante Rebic at the boundary of the penalty area, but the Croatian strike was again weak and straight in the hands of the Italian goalkeeper legend.

In the 36th minute came the first good moment for the boys of Mauricio Sari. The ball hit the feet of Juan Quadrado, who fired from about 20 meters into the door of the Donoruma, but the Italian guard quickly fell to the ground to prevent him from getting into his net.

Immediately after the restart of the match, Pioli’s boys had another brilliant chance to find the result. After a nice opening pass, Ante Rebic was brought face-to-face with Buffon, but for the third time in the meeting he was denied by the guard of the guests.

Five minutes later, Samu Castastejo adjusted his left-footed ball and tested his 20-yard shot, but Buffon was stable again. A minute later, Cuadrado tried his luck, but far from the truth.

With 59 minutes played, the visitors were able to secure a break in front of the goal of Milan. After a pass to De Shilio on the right flank, he centered parallel to the Donorum’s door, but with a concerted effort, the Rossoneri managed. Just a minute later, Ibrahimovic and Calabria repeatedly tested Buffon’s reflexes.

After 61 minutes, the home side made a well-deserved goal. After prolonged pressure, Samu Castastejo managed to center well from the right flank and find Ante Rebich on the back beam and the Croat did not mess with his 4th attempt.

After 72 minutes, the visitors’ hope was returned. Milan Theo Hernandez’s left back has left the Matthias de Chillio’s feet in the middle of the pitch, after he already had a yellow card on his account. The referee of the match did not hesitate to show a second yellow and red respectively for the Spaniard.

In the 80th minute Ronaldo rose the highest after a corner kick, but his shot was weak and quite inaccurate.

Juventus 1: 0

1: 0 – Ante Rebic (61)

Here are the two starting lineups:

Milan: Donoruma, Calabria, Kjaer, Romagnoli, Hernandez, Castejoho, Kesi, Benasser, Chalhanoglu, Ibrahimovic, Rebic; (4-4-2)

Juventus: Buffon, Sandro, Bonucci, De Licht, De Chilio, Pianic, Mathews, Ramsay, Ronaldo, DiBala, Quadrado; (4-3-3)

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