Little girl turns to stone because of a terrible illness! PHOTOS 18+


A rare skin mutation causes a 7-year-old Indian girl to slowly turn into a “stone”. This is written in the Daily Old.With the exception of the chest and face, the body of little Rajeshwari is covered with solid, dense and scaly grayish-like formations that resemble “stone” hairstyles.

Globally, only 24 cases of the rare and incurable mutation called psoriasis ichthyosis, which have impaired the process of skin regeneration in the human body, are known, explains Dr. Satiaki Ganjulu of the Institute of Medical Sciences in Raipur.

The disease is not fatal, but it causes the girl’s daily pain, and prevents her from leading a normal life. Due to its rarity, the condition is difficult to study. Medications that delay its development have serious side effects.According to dermatologist Dr. Yash Upender of Dantevada Hospital, little Rajeshwari suffers from epidermolytic ichthyosis. The disease is not life-threatening, but it is also incurable.


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