Libyan Oil Corporation: oil production losses amounted to about $ 2 billion


The National Oil Corporation in the Libyan capital Tripoli announced that the losses due to oil closures and deteriorating security conditions exceed $ 1.8 billion.

Tripoli – Sputnik. The Libyan National Oil Corporation said in a press statement through its official page on “Facebook”: “Oil and gas production continues to decline significantly due to the deterioration of the security situation in various parts of Libya, which in turn has disrupted the supply and transportation operations.”

The statement stressed that “the decline in oil production as a result of the closures that affected the ports and pipelines production reached 122,424 barrels per day by Thursday, February 20, 2020.

This forced decline in production rates, imposed by the closures, caused significant financial losses exceeding $ 1 billion to $ 1,857,677,138.

In its statement, the National Oil Corporation warned of “campaigns of misinformation regarding the current fuel situation, and requests all citizens to deal with this report as the only source of accurate and updated information.”

The statement added that “the petrol tanker allowed the lights of Libya to re-enter the port of Tripoli yesterday, after the tanker was forced to leave on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, due to the missile shells that targeted the port.”

The Oil Corporation renewed its calls to end irresponsible and illegal closings of its facilities and allow it to immediately resume production operations for Libya and its people.

On January 19, the leaders of the countries participating in the Berlin conference on the Libyan crisis committed to respect the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations in 2011, and to stop any external interference in the conflict that has existed in the country for years.

The countries participating in this conference – the United States, Russia, France, Britain, China, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, the Emirates, Algeria and the Congo – agreed that there is no “military solution” to the conflict that is tearing Libya apart. The participants also called for a permanent and effective ceasefire.

Four international and regional organizations participated, namely the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Arab League.

And began Tuesday in Geneva, the second round of talks in which officers from both sides participate in order to cease-fire between the two sides of the conflict.


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