Libyan Foreign Minister Al-Hawij Sputnik: We are facing a government that contracted with the Turks to bring the colonizer to Libya


The Security Council adopted a resolution for a permanent ceasefire in Libya, to what extent is it adhered to, and what is the reason for Field Marshal Haftar’s statement about the liberation of Tripoli?

The problem with the ceasefire is that there is no partner we are talking about in the ceasefire, the problem is that there is a group of different groups with different orientations, part of which is a foreigner brought by Turkey from Idlib, especially the terrorist groups unfortunately coming from Syria, and these people do not believe in a ceasefire, They are mercenaries and are not concerned with the Libyan issue. They earn high salaries in dollars, deplete the wealth of the Libyan people and violate the sanctities.

The problem originally is not a political problem but a security issue, we respect the international community and we are part of it, but a permanent and sustainable ceasefire depends on the dismantling of the militias and outlaws.

There was a statement by the security chief of Munich of the need to impose sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the Berlin decisions, can the sanctions contribute to solving the Libyan crisis or complicate the issue further?

Let us see if there are those who will apply the sanctions, so let them apply to Erdogan and the Turkish government. Today, the battleships in Tripoli are in front of the world, and Turkish weapons and airplanes are there. They must apply the sanctions to Turkey first if they are serious.

Monitoring the implementation of the arms embargo to Libya will start in late March. Will this decision affect the Libyan National Army, and can this decision be implemented in the first place?

We hope that this process will be implemented, because it is the Turks and their Qatari supporters who bring in arms and mercenaries. We are our strength with the Libyan people, who are betting on the army and who summoned them, and the Libyan people are the ones who want to liberate the capital, Tripoli. We either or not prohibit our battle to liberate the capital and liberate the Libyan people from the clutches of militias and crime.

What is expected to result from the work of the 5 + 5 committee?

We hope that it will reach a result, but the main problem is security, 5 + 5 is a security committee and we hope that they will reach a result, and we are not with the war or fighting for sure, and if we can through dialogue dismantle the militias, collect weapons and a fair distribution of wealth, then the problem is over, then We go to a national dialogue, we go to a government of national unity, and we go to presidential and parliamentary elections.

In your opinion, what is the reason for Erdogan’s statements that the Russian Minister of Defense and his staff manage the Wagner Group in Libya, and can this be linked to events in Syrian Idlib?

Yes, of course, it has a direct relationship with what is happening in Idlib, and Erdogan today is an important leader and worshipers and practices the methodology, and dreams of the former Ottoman Islamic caliphate, and we are in 2020 and this will not happen and will not be repeated, we are a Mediterranean, Maghreb and African country, we will not allow this, and our Libyan people as they faced The former colonizer would face any colonizer against our country.

What information do you have about the militants who were transferred by Turkey to Libya, and have any Syrian or Turkish fighters captured you?

There are thousands of mercenaries transported with Libyan money, Libyan transport companies, and Libyan workers, and today we are facing an government outside the law and outside the law, a government that contracted with the Turks to bring the colonizer to Libya, and for the mercenaries to enter the Libyan homes and to search for identity.

Unfortunately, crimes happen every day in the capital, Tripoli, and even this government or the so-called government of reconciliation kidnaps Russian citizens outside the law and outside any legitimacy, therefore we demand the international community and the Russian government to withdraw its recognition of this government, and it is not correct for a country with the weight of Russia to deal with a government that sponsors militias And kidnapped Russian citizens in our country.

Certainly there are prisoners from the Syrian and Turkish mercenaries we have, and there is an important observation that a large part of the Syrian mercenaries go with illegal immigration to Europe, and there are dozens today infiltrating through the Zawiya or Zuwara to Europe, and this migration will be a threat to Europe, the Mediterranean and the world.

Can the Libyan National Army resort to foreign forces to confront the foreign forces and militias fighting alongside the Al-Wefaq government?

We will only seek the help of our Libyan people and the will of our Libyan people. In Benghazi, the black flags and ISIS remained fluttering for forty months. The army did not liberate them with aspirations or roses, but with blood and the sacrifices offered by our Libyan youth and our national army. We liberated Derna and the south of Libya, and as we liberated them, the capital Tripoli will be liberated.

Regarding the Algerian and Tunisian position on the Libyan crisis, do you have any comments?

It is a welcome role because it is the neighboring countries concerned with us, as it affects and is affected by the Libyan crisis, and whether Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco or Mauritania and the sister Egypt, all of these countries are countries with which we share geography and history, and therefore peace in Libya is peace in these capitals, and the war in Libya It is a war in these capitals, God forbid, or instability.

The Libyan problem is not limited to Libya alone, but the chaos of arms and outlaws may leak to neighboring countries and may destabilize the region today. The Libyan weapon today arrived in Boko Haram and reached Cameroon and many African countries, and therefore the Maghreb and neighboring countries are concerned with ensuring stability and security in Libya, and that there be a strong national army that controls the borders and protects them from the leakage of weapons, militias and terrorists.

Views and opinions differ on the Egyptian role in the Libyan issue, so what does Cairo offer to Libya?

Egypt is a neighboring country and is concerned with the Libyan crisis and what is happening in Tripoli or Benghazi affected by Alexandria and Cairo, and therefore Egypt is making a political effort to solve the Libyan crisis, and Cairo has suffered from the fire of terrorism, terrorists and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood from a period, and therefore it is concerned because what happens in Libya is affected by Egypt and vice versa Our relationship with Egypt is a relationship of mutual respect and common interests, and a relationship based on parity.

How do you evaluate the Russian role in Libya?

The Russian role is welcome, and it is a big country and a permanent member of the Security Council. It is a positive role to solve the Libyan crisis. Russia also has no colonial past in the Arab countries. We believe that the historical relations between the two countries allow Russia to play a big role, and we welcome that.

When we talk about a role, we do not mean military intervention and do not mean support with arms. Rather, we mean that you explain to the international community and clarify the reality of what is happening in Libya, who we are fighting, why we are fighting these and the truth of where we want to go.

We want to go to the new Libya, the state of law and institutions, the sovereign state with a national decision, which protects its borders and maintains its relations with neighboring countries, and certainly Libya will soon settle and the priority will be for the major workshops and strategic projects for the countries whose hands are white and have contributed to solving the Libyan crisis.

Several parliamentarians have talked recently about the UN mission communicating with them individually and accusing them of trying to split the class. How do you see the work of the UN mission?

The mission represents a group of international wills and not one will, unfortunately it seems that the international community has not decided its matter to resolve the Libyan crisis, and it still manages the crisis and does not solve it, and we hope that the mission will play its role fully, and the most prominent example of this every month Ghassan Salama provides a briefing on Human rights violations, why does he not talk about the Russian kidnappers, and why he does not talk about dozens of kidnappers if hundreds were not transferred in Tripoli, why did he not talk about the kidnapping of the Minister of Finance in the Tripoli government or the Deputy Ministry of Defense, and why he does not expose and name things by their names.

The mission is a group of wills, and we hope that it will be freed from it, and that it will investigate accuracy and credibility and deal objectively and carefully, because this will contribute to solving the crisis, and the solution to the crisis is easy to collect weapons and dismantle the outlaw militias, and the fair distribution of wealth, after which we go to a comprehensive national dialogue and the formation of a unity government National and we go to the parliamentary and presidential elections.

We do not invent anything here, and what happened in Libya happened in many countries of the world, but how do we go to elections or to the democratic state or even talk about a cease-fire, so stop firing with whoever will be, we do not fight an army but rather a militia, A cease-fire means giving oxygen to the terrorists, breathing capacity, more movement, and returning. We may reach a temporary solution by a ceasefire, but a lasting and sustainable solution that guarantees stability in Libya and the Mediterranean and in Africa and the world is to dismantle the militias, collect weapons, and make a fair distribution of wealth and go Then to dialogue, and this is the real solution.

Concerning the ambassadors crisis abroad, are there ambassadors affiliated with the interim government?

There are now about 10 embassies, and there will be more embassies in Arab, African and Asian countries and all of that will follow.

There are demands on the redistribution of Libyan wealth. Where do Libyan money from Libyan oil and other wealth go?

Unfortunately, Libyan funds are used to kill Libyans and to bring in mercenary pilots, fighters and terrorists from different countries of the world, and therefore the demands are popular, just and necessary. The Libyans have the right to enjoy their wealth. The so-called Al-Wefaq government is a quota government located on 5-7% of the total Libyan territory, and does not provide Any services to the Libyan people, the Al-Wefaq government only provides services to the militias and public funds, and thus are real demands and just demands from our Libyan people.

There was a project to transfer some Libyan or oil institutions to eastern Libya, what prevents this, and what are the benefits of this process?

This process is essential and important, and we hope that it will happen, because we are a government for all Libyans, not just the government of the East. We are present on more than 90% of the Libyan lands, and we are extending our sovereignty over 85 municipalities out of 105 in Libya, and we are present in many regions such as Pangsher Palace, Aziziyah, Tarhuna and all regions Adjacent to Tripoli, and therefore its presence in the Libyan East is a guarantee of a fair distribution of all residents of Libya, including our people in Tripoli imprisoned by militias and outlaws.

There are accusations of wasting billions on agreements between the reconciliation government and some other parties. What are the most prominent of these operations, and what is the fact of paying salaries to fake names from the state budget?

These are not accusations but rather facts. I mean, the government has spent 4 or 5 years spending hundreds of billions and has not lit a lamp in the roads, and it has not opened a clinic, hospital or clinic, in return our government despite the scarcity of capabilities and although it borrows every day throughout the year we have opened a new project, we do Porsche is major in all fields, such as infrastructure, such as water, sanitation, electricity, and renewable energies, in addition to housing, utilities, and education. This is our duty towards our citizens, and even some municipalities that are not affiliated with the government and are few in which we provide services to our citizens, because we are a responsible government and not a militia government as happens in Tripoli .

How do you see the future of Libya?

The future of Libya is made by the Libyans, we will go to the Fund for Democracy, not to the Arms Fund, we will build the new Libya without political prisons, we will build a state of law and institutions and the state of man and citizenship and public and individual freedoms, the new Libya will be for all Libyans and will be open to all political currents, and there is no difference in any political current or exclusion Neither marginalization, nor victorious nor defeated, the constitution will be written by the Libyans, whoever rules Libya will be chosen by the Libyans, and the identity of Libya if it is in dispute will be decided by the Libyans, and all of these issues are open to the Libyans, and what the Libyans want we will want, and whatever they do not want we do not want, but the important thing is c It is for the decision and independence to be Libya, and not to follow anyone. We believe in partnership with the international community and neighboring countries, but out of the interests of our people and the interests of our country.

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