Levski’s goalkeeper is back – BG football


Dutchman Nigel Roberta is about to return to the Levski squad, learn dsport.bg. Sagittarius is already starting training with the main group and may even be on the line for the March 1 fight against Slavia.

Roberta arrived at Georgi Asparuhov in the summer and quickly became a holder and leading salesman. Injuries stopped his striving and prevented him from playing in the controls and Levski’s first two games in 2020.

Nigel’s main advantage over other Levski attackers is the speed he has.

For the match with Slavia Peter Hubchev will have a lot of care about his defense. Goranov, Kargas and Eyolfson are punished, and Zhivko Milanov is in doubt as he is injured.

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