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Levski’s leadership responded to Slavic President Ventseslav Stefanov, who earlier today announced the salaries of part of Gerena’s employees. The “Blue” categorically rejected the figures and asked what salaries pay taxes and social security in Slavia?

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“To the attention of the blue public


We are addressing you directly and openly, about another attack on the beloved club, which was made today by PFC Slavia president Ventseslav Stefanov.

With his “revelations” about the remuneration in our club, Mr. Stefanov crossed all boundaries. We firmly state that PFC Levski does not have an employee or director to receive any of the amounts mentioned by the President of Slavia.

This can be easily verified, and it is even easier to see why this outright lie is being presented to people at this moment – the Levski community has been mobilized, as it has not been for a long time, to help the club in a difficult time. And this has been most clearly seen in the last 10 days.

What better propaganda way to infuse people with a cold shower of enthusiasm than to expose them to misinformation? This time, however, we will not leave things that way, and we will ask some questions.

Like, for example, if Slavia has two people per state, how did the club get a professional football license, according to the administrative licensing criteria? What are Slavia’s taxes and insurance pay?

We are sure that you are aware of the fact that the information is true or is purely a deliberate fabrication. ”


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