Levski NCP chief: I will not participate in a film, as it happened with CSKA – BG Football – efbet League


Levski National Committee chairman Stepan Hindliyan told BNT that he did not intend to star in films.

“Levski’s ownership is in the New Holding and the companies of Vasil Bozhkov. How do we view this proposal, and are we not the people to make such a decision? The club has a governing structure,” Hindlian said.

The chairman added that if the supporters had a blocking quota in Levski’s management, there would be no backstory as has been the case in the last 10 years at the club. “It is not necessary that the people giving money for the club be the owners – this model is a catastrophe,” Hindlian said.

“We asked Mr Bozhkov specifically whether he had anything to do with the governors when he took the shares. He flatly denied. He had a urge to save the club,” Stepan added.

“I will not participate in a film like CSKA did. All the people I talk to share the same opinion. But there is disagreement among the fans – regarding the future management of the club, whether it should be in the hands of one person or not. “he added.

“The procession before the match with CSKA is not a protest but a call for reunification. We must show how much we love the club. We must stop the petty tantrums. I call on as many people as possible. I appeal to everyone. you have to talk about Levski with good, “Hindlian added.

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