Levski has refused a favorable offer from Azerbaijan for his titular goalkeeper


Levski’s leadership has rejected a lucrative offer for Montenegrin goalkeeper Milan Mijatovic. He revealed it himself to the local Vijesti. The “Blue” guard said he expects a clear BFS decision for goalkeepers outside the EU.

“Everything in the club is perfect for the time being. They are pleased with me and have even rejected a favorable offer from Azerbaijan. However, the players are leaving, the administrative leadership is changing and everything will become clear in May when the club decides whether to extend my extension clause. of the contract.

There is another problem as the BFU wants to develop the goalkeeping position and has adopted a solution to restrict non-EU goalkeepers. The Bulgarian goalkeepers are not in good condition and therefore they want to help the national team. I don’t think the decision will affect the goalkeepers already made, but everything will be clear in April, “said Mijatovic.

Hubchev is the captain from whom the ship

Hubchev is the captain the Levski ship needs in the dead football excitement

Don’t confuse professionalism with lack of interest

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