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The teams of Levski and CSKA are the most correct teams in the efbet League. Statistics show that none of their football players received a red card during the fall of the championship. The Blue players received 34 yellow cards, the lowest number of official warnings in the entire championship, while CSKA football players were decorated with yellow ten times more, Theme Sport reports.

Both teams have not managed to sign in 4 games so far. They have similar figures for dry nets – the blue ones are 11, while the red ones are 12.

Rivals score more in the second half of their games. Then Levski scored 20 of his 37 hits, and CSKA 27 of 35.

The Blues were most productive in the final quarter of the meetings – then they were accurate ten times. Levski has not scored a goal in the first fifteen minutes of the match. CSKA did not allow him to score in the period 61 – 75 minutes.

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