“Learn with Levski” is back


Levski’s management has revealed that with the first home game of “Guerra” in 2020, a joint campaign with the Blue Bulgaria Trust, which is entirely aimed at children, is being restarted.

“Study with Levski” returns for the oldest derby in the capital. Right before the match with Slavia on Sunday, March 1, we will talk about the Levski spirit and identity and the role of the supporters in the history of the “blue” club, and a special one. The guest will be the Executive Director Pavel Kolev. At the end of the conversation, all present will have the opportunity to take pictures and sign autographs from the defender Holmar Eyolfson.

And that’s not all! As before, our partners from FUT Publishing House and the savory pastry chefs at Cakey Bakey have prepared special surprises for the little ones.

We remind you that the meetings are aimed at children up to 12 years of age and will take place within 45 minutes, so that our guests will have fun, enjoyable and comfortable and last but not least, they are passionate about the love of the club and the game. .

The first edition of “Learn with Levski” will begin on Sunday, 01.03, at “Gerena” on 2020. The meeting point will be in front of Georgi Asparuhov’s monument in front of Sector “A” at 11.30 am, where the club staff will welcome all wishing to attend the meeting children and their parents!

Come to “Gerena” to study and have fun together!

Only “Levski”, write from the club.

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Darko Tasevski: I helped Levski, too, if the club won the Bulgarian Cup

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