Lavrov discusses cooperation with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi


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The Russian Foreign Ministry announced today, Saturday, that Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, discussed by phone with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, cooperation in combating the new “Corona” virus.

Moscow – Sputnik. “The Russian side praised the measures taken by China to combat the spread of the disease caused by the Corona virus. The issues of Russian-Chinese cooperation in this field were discussed,” a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said.

On the other hand, five aircraft belonging to the Russian Aerospace Force will participate in the evacuation of Russian citizens from China, and according to the statement of the Ministry of Defense, “Military doctors and specialists in the Russian Ministry of Defense in the field of virology will be on board every plane of the aircraft group to evacuate Russian citizens from China. . “

The Chinese government said on Saturday that Prime Minister Li Keqiang asked the European Union to facilitate China’s purchase of urgent medical supplies from member countries.

“The National Health Commission of China obtained, as of January 31, data from 31 provinces stating that the number of injured people has reached 11,791 people, including 1795 in critical condition, 259 people have died, and 243 recovered,” the National Health Commission of China announced in a statement.

It was reported that this deadly virus, which appeared in Wuhan, in the central part of China, had spread in less than three weeks to about 18 countries.


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