Kuwaiti fan poses an embarrassing question to Angham’s husband during her party … video


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A Kuwaiti fan asked an embarrassing question to the music distributor, Ahmed Ibrahim, the husband of the Egyptian singer, Angham, during the latter’s concert in Kuwait.

Social media users shared a video of the fan asking a pair of tunes while he was sitting at the party: “If you allow a pair of tunes, right?” He replied in the affirmative, to respond to him: “Oh, your fortune in it.”

The rhythms of the ceremony were revived, last Saturday, as part of the National Day celebrations in Kuwait.

Despite her popularity in Kuwait, Angham has become the most rich Arab female artist in Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on her granting that description, Angham described herself as “lucky”, during her meeting with the “Arab Wood” program, broadcast on the “Rotana Cinema” satellite channel.


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