Kuwaiti activist wants more than $ 3 billion on “prescription” treatment for Corona virus



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The famous Kuwaiti blogger and public figure asked Salwa Al-Mutairi for one billion Kuwaiti dinars (more than 3.2 billion dollars) on the “method” that she claimed was treating the new type of Corona virus.

And she said on “Snapchat” that she took her job with the prescription for the Chinese embassy in Kuwait.

“I am in front of the Chinese embassy,” Al-Mutairi wrote. “I came to give notes on ways to treat the Corona virus,” and presented the papers printed in the name of the Chinese ambassador to Kuwait.

Before she went to the Chinese embassy, ​​Al-Mutairi posted a video on her YouTube channel requesting that she put one billion Kuwaiti dinars (more than $ 3.2 billion) on her bank account to share the treatment of Corona virus.

This is how the Kuwaiti activist responded to the proposal of the famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan, who promised to pay a reward of one million yuan (143,000 dollars) to someone who would find a cure for the Corona virus.

The Chinese actor, Jackie Chan, has promised to pay one million yuan (143,000 dollars) to the person who will make the vaccine against the Coronavirus.

The actor believes that this would be a catalyst to accelerate the appearance of the drug, and also added that he was donating money to provide protective clothing and medical masks.

The National Health Committee of China announced today, Wednesday, that the number of deaths from the new corona virus inside the country rose to 2004, and infected to 74 thousand and 185 cases, noting that 14,376 people recovered after treatment.


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