Kuipers despondent: “Almost dare not say that there is more in it”


NEC lost SC Cambuur 2-0 on Friday evening and Bas Kuipers was not exactly happy about that match afterwards. The left back was even discouraged, he told ForzaNEC. “ You leave the field and think: what have I actually done?

Bas, how do you look back on this match?

“Well, I guess we didn’t have much to say. At least it looked like that. We weren’t without a chance, but it was pretty easy for Cambuur. They weren’t even that good either. I didn’t have a moment in the contest that I thought was going in the right direction. We should look at ourselves. It should be possible, but yes. I can keep repeating that … I also don’t know what to say anymore. ”

Earlier, Fran├žois Gesthuizen emphasized that you should finally win from a team that is above you. That did not work again.

“We are playing against the front runner, but I did not feel that they were very good and that we really had a hard time. I don’t know that anymore either. ”

Isn’t that conclusion even more painful?

“That’s right. If you look at what we could do, it is totally painful. I hardly dare say that there is more in it, because I fool the people if I keep saying that every week. I am now very disappointed and I love it. I am not sure what to say about this. ”

Then you would think: you play at home against the front runner, then you have to start well. But you didn’t do that at all.

“Cambuur kept the ball well in the ashes with their central defenders and did not panic, even when we put pressure. As a result, we were always halfway between them and they waited for the right moment to get in with their midfielders We had a hard time with that a few times. That’s a shame. We play at home, then you have to get the audience behind you, but we didn’t get that from the start. ”

During a short phase after rest you did succeed in getting the audience involved.

“That was also the only moment in the competition that I thought: maybe it is possible. But if I looked further at our game, it made me pretty despondent. ”

How did you like going personally?

“In the first instance I have to eliminate my direct opponent, Antonia. He has proven to be a good player at this level, but in this match he was able to do relatively little. That is always my goal, every game. But you hope that you can also move forward and contribute something offensive, but if we get rid of the ball so quickly, I am only standing in the back to defend and take out my husband. You had to leave the field and think: what have I actually done? I have done my best, but this is not my only task. We are NEC, we play at home, then you just have to go. Play soccer. If it fails, it will only fail once, but this just wasn’t enough. ”

How do you view the ranking now?

“We keep an eye on a place in the play-offs and I believe in that too. But if you want to achieve that and you want to get high on it, then you have to bring more than this. We have to look at that carefully, because this can’t continue like this. ”

Next week a visit to Telstar, a team that is close to the rankings. What do you expect from that competition?

“There are a lot of teams that are close by and I think we should be better in principle, but that doesn’t work out, still not. It’s annoying to have to say that every time.”

Is it nice to be on the pitch during such a match?

“Not today, to be honest. In some competitions, too. This season we have entertained the public in some duels, so it’s nice. But we have to win more.”

Photo: Rob Koppers


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