Kosachev: Washington’s refusal to grant visas to Russian diplomats requires a response from the international community


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The head of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federal Council, Konstantin Kucachev, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the international community must find a possibility to respond to “ugly deeds of the United States”, which regularly refuses to issue visas for United Nations meetings, including the transfer of the headquarters of the World Organization from New York .

Livingston – Sputnik. “I hope the international community will find the possibility and courage to join hands and collectively respond to these heinous acts through consistent decisions about the transportation of certain events. Maybe one day the headquarters (of the United Nations) will be transferred, of course, like this,” Kosacov said in a statement to Sputnik. The solutions are very expensive. ”

This was announced by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the world organization, Vasily Nebenzia, on Tuesday: “We asked for an urgent meeting of the Public Relations Committee with the host country, and this meeting will take place early next week, and we will ask the Secretary-General of the United Nations to attend and inform us of what is happening in the matter of resolving The terrible situation with visa issues for official delegates, especially heads of delegations during UN sessions. ”
Russia has requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations early next week to discuss the issue of fraud and control by Washington by granting visas to diplomats and foreign officials heading to the headquarters of the international organization in New York.

The United Nations had announced earlier, that the United States did not issue a visa in time for the head of the Russian delegation to the Disarmament Commission, head of the Disarmament Issues Section of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Constantine Vorontsov, and this caused the committee meeting to be postponed for 10 days.

The problems of issuing American visas have become a regular obstacle to United Nations activities at its headquarters in New York. In 2019, the committee’s organizational session was not held for the same reason.


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