KNVB is in splits and talks to clubs: the chance of a horror schedule is small, but possible


The KNVB has not yet made a decision about the FC Utrecht – Ajax and AZ – Feyenoord matches, which were canceled last Sunday due to storm Ciara. The Football Association informs VoetbalPrimeur of this. Because of the packed schedule, finding a new date is a tough job for the KNVB.

Due to the storm, Utrecht – Ajax and AZ – Feyenoord were canceled for safety reasons. Because Ajax and AZ are still active in the KNVB Cup and the Europa League, it is difficult to set a new date. Both clubs may play matches until the end of March during the week.
“At the moment we have nothing to say. Perhaps later today. That will be announced”, a KNVB spokesperson told this website. The preparation of a competition schedule is a tough task, but the rescheduling of matches is even more difficult. The KNVB had to squeeze in all sorts of turns last season to spare Ajax in the successful Champions League season. Matches were relocated and the last two rounds were completely redesigned.

Hels chore for KNVB
The KNVB is now faced with the assignment to reschedule Utrecht – Ajax and AZ – Feyenoord. “You see that a lot of things play a role in drawing up a competition schedule. Especially when it comes to clubs that participate on all fronts. Then there is just little room,” says the spokesperson, who could not yet say whether the KNVB can now account. take into account such situations. “There are a number of publications that explain which issues play a role.”

“We are also dealing with broadcasters and municipalities that have to weigh up certain aspects. If there is such a cancellation, it becomes clear how complex that is. People could agree with the cancellation, but catching up is a job.”
Clubs must have at least two full rest days after a match. In England that is 48 hours after the last whistle. In theory it would therefore be possible to play on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for example. The chance that the KNVB chooses this seems unlikely, although the association does not want to exclude it. “I can’t say that. All options are considered, but then all agreements must have been taken into account. It is clear how complex it is with all the clubs that participate on all fronts.”
Storm Dennis
The Netherlands has already had storm Ciara, but will be visited by storm Dennis this weekend. That will probably be less intense than Ciara. The KNVB does not take a new cancellation into account. “Then you are very ahead of things. We will not do that.”
“With the storm of last Sunday in consultation it was decided not to let the competitions continue for safety reasons. You can’t do that at the beginning of the week. You have to be one hundred percent sure because of all the consequences of the cancellation. ”
(Tim van Duijn / VoetbalPrimeur)

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