Kloop’s Liverpool: Records are falling, just a few steps to immortality


Liverpool are very close to their first England title since 1990, having opened the unprecedented and unprecedented 22-point lead in the top spot.

There are 13 rounds left and the leader he has 6 wins in themto be a mathematical champion. There seems to be no doubt about that.

But what’s the crush like Jurgen Klop’s Liverpool record so far this season that can safely remain historic?

And what else can he improve in some of the greatest achievements of English and European football?

Liverpool have already opened the biggest advance ever seen in English football at this stage of the season – 22 points after 25 rounds played. The leader is 73, the second Manchester City is 51. Only one team – Manchester United, did not lose to the drivers, stopping them 1-1 at home in October 2019.

Jurgen Klop’s team turned in 42 consecutive unbeaten league games. The series, which began on January 3 last year at 1: 2 on the ground of Manchester City.

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This is a tie for Brian Clough’s (1977-78) Nottingham Forest’s glorious team (1977-78), with Arsene Wenger’s Invincible Arsenal (2003-2004) remaining the only one with 49. Unless he loses in his next eight games The Premier League, Liverpool will enter the pantheon of the undefeated teams with 50 consecutive undefeated matches. No one in England did it.

The 20 successive successes on their own field in the Championship are a record for the Premier League, improving the achievement of Manchester City. But there is only one team that has achieved a longer streak in history – Liverpool again, but to Bill Schenkley from January to December 1972 – 21 consecutive Anfield victories. After a few weeks against West Ham at home, that record could be leveled.

Klop’s team won 100 points from a possible 102 in last 34 matches in the Championship (33 wins and draws). Incredible statistics, but not a significant title yet. However, at this rate, not reaching it would be a miracle.

And more records in the reach of Merseyside:

Most points in a season has won City (2017-2018) – 100. In order to pass this achievement, Liverpool must take 28 or more of the possible 39 points by the end of the championship.

City’s record of the same season is 32 wins, as of now the “reds” are 24. They are also nowhere near that.

They are also in a series of 16 consecutive wins in the Championship, with only 2 of them separating from Manchester City’s everlasting record (18, again from the killer season in question 2 years ago).

In their last 10 Premier League games, they have conceded just one goal … But they will not beat the everlasting record of Mourinho’s Chelsea, who only collected 15 hits on the road to the title in 2005. Liverpool have already done just as much and are unlikely to even out, with 13 rounds to go.

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Liverpool have lost any official match for the last time at their stadium through October 2018, for the Chelsea League Cup 1: 2. And the team that went with an Anfield win last time out is Crystal Palace (1: 2). It happened on April 23, 2017 before a whole 53 matches!

We carry the geo-football analysis and beyond that the newly drawn map after Brexit. In European tournaments, Liverpool have not been eliminated 6 years before the final. It happened in 2014, and then the statistics are three finals (2 in the Champions League and 1 in the Europa League), one non-participation in the tournaments and now – the upcoming eliminations with Atletico in the semifinals in SL.

And here is a terrifying home achievement, expressed in 27 consecutive non-loss matches in Europe at Anfield. The last team to win there is Real – 3: 0 on October 22, 2014, when Brandon Rodgers was at the helm of Liverpool.

Jurgen Klop has not lost in the Euro tournaments at their stadium and not eliminated by them.

If they reach the third consecutive Champions League final, the German and his team will be in the defense company. Real (twice), Benfica, Milan, Ajax, Bayern and Juventus have achieved it, with only the “kings” of Zinedine Zidane managing to do so in the new century.

All of this is the expression of the Liverpool Club in numbers and statistics, as well as hypothetically – what else can be written in these columns. The rest are trophies – the most accurate currency for measuring values ​​in modern football.

The team is already a current champion of Europe and the world, and ahead of it is the title in England.

It’s hard to claim more than one team … Who does not compete in the Championship of the Netherlands, Portugal or France (and is called PSG there), with all our respect for these leagues.

And it is struggling in the toughest and most competitive environment in Europe – the Premier League, filled with stars for hundreds of millions. And a meeting place for some of the best coaches of modern times in football such as Guardiola, Mourinho, Ancelotti, etc.

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