kerala blasters vs odisha fc: Wait for the yellow band to break up !! Today’s season finale – la liga 2020: former player carles perez criticises barcelona fc


The Kerala Blasters season started with a hug and a hug. The team, which initially looked bright but had to be drawn back, had to fall back on the list. The team that is currently out of the playoffs will no longer have the opportunity to mix and match this year. Team Kerala Blasters are in the final leg of the season.
Kerala Blasters face Odisha FC The match will be played at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, the home ground of Odisha. The Kerala Blasters are coming out with the confidence of defeating champions Bengaluru FC in their last home match in Kochi.

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Odisha FC currently ranks sixth and Kerala Blasters at seventh. The Blasters will not be able to overcome Odisha even if they win the match as Odisha FC has 24 points from 17 matches. At the same time, the yellow squadron can raise the point to 21. The match will start at 7:30 pm at Odisha’s Tataka.

la liga 2020 former player carles perez criticises barcelona fc

Perez severely criticizes Barcelona


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