Kazem El-Saher warns against false news



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Iraqi singer Kazem El-Saher warned today, Friday, against spreading false news about him.

And through his official page on the “Facebook” website, “Al-Saher” confirmed that he announces himself through the page about the locations and dates of his concerts, and that any other news he writes about reviving upcoming concerts from outside the page is a shame of health.

It is noteworthy that Kazem El-Saher released a new song called “Ah and Ahin”, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The song is composed by musician Dr. Talal, and by Kazem El Saher himself, and it is the song he decided to give to his Arab fans on Valentine’s Day.

The official page of Kazem El-Saher participated in a new version of the song, as there is a slight difference from the previous melody of the song, which included a picture of Saher, who is curved on the Iraqi flag and accepts it.

Kazem El-Saher had a concert at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday 12 February.


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