Kalff analyzes the RB16: “Honda probably wanted more space”


Allard Kalff has analyzed the RB16 and has come up with interesting insights. The former driver believes that Red Bull has already won the first battle.

“The first battle has been won by Red Bull, they have actually driven the track by car and that is nice when you go to the winter tests,” thus opens the RTL GPpresenter via Youtube.

An important step, says the Dutchman: ‘Because from there you just want to know from the first moment that everything works and that you can drive your laps. Then Alexander Albon, the other driver, will of course just sit in the car. ”

Kalff analyzes the RB16

‘If we look at the RB16, we actually see almost the same car as last year. The color scheme is not really different from the car from 2019. But if you look in detail, you see a number of noticeable differences’, he opens his analysis about the new Red Bull car.

‘First of all there is the nose, there is now an air inlet. The air enters in front of the nose and then the nose goes out somewhere again for the chassis’, usually complicated noses do not pass the FIA ​​crash test, Red Bull has succeeded this year, an excellent prelude to 2020.

Focus on downward pressure with RB16

According to Kalff, the emphasis is on Max Verstappen’s new car downforce: “They hold more downward pressure on the outside of the front wing, they will undoubtedly want to do more with that pressure.”

‘If you look at the front suspension, you also see a nice adjustment. If you send in more, the car will go down ‘, continues the Formula 1 expert. The suspension is adjusted in such a way that the nose is pushed down when it is submitted.

‘That means that if you drive in slow corners, if you want the car to be low, you can. If you send in more you keep the car in better balance. ”

The Red Bull chassis is highlighted

Newey has opted for an oval air inlet in 2020: ‘The air inlet is oval, has to do with a number of things. With Ferrari it is a triangle, this also has to do with the length of the drivers. If you could sit a little lower you might prefer a rectangle. ”

The body looks a bit wide, especially if you compare it with the SF1000. A request from Honda is probably behind this change, Kalff expects: “Probably Honda has asked: Guys, give us a little more room.” (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)

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