‘K * tavond’ for Te Wierik and FC Groningen: “Ridiculous that you will lose here”


FC Groningen captain Mike te Wierik did not turn around after the PEC Zwolle match. Six days after the stunt against Ajax, De Trots van het Noorden went down in Zwolle: Te Wierik had a ‘k * evening’, he told FOX Sports.

Yuta Nakayama headed in from the corner on the stroke of calm and that hit turned out to be decisive. “You don’t pay attention once in a standard situation: goal. Just badly defended, should not happen”, mourned Te Wierik. “It’s ridiculous that you actually lose here.”

FC Groningen had 45 minutes after the 1-0 to do something about the deficit, got some chances in the final phase, but could not prevent a defeat. “In the second half they were only in their own sixteen, then you have to make at least 1-1”, says Te Wierik. “That ball on the post (from Kian Slor, ed.) Still … Only played at half, but that doesn’t count. Just a k * evening.”
The stunt against Ajax therefore had little value anymore according to the 27-year-old Tukker. “Those were actually bonus points, now you should have won. And then you are more equal, just worthless.”


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