Joaquin Phoenix’s weird celebration minutes after winning an Oscar


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Social media users shared a snapshot of an American actor, Joaquin Phoenix, by winning an Oscar.

The picture depicts a spontaneous snapshot of a simple “Phoenix” celebration with his girlfriend, actress Ronnie Marra, with an Oscar, as they just sat on the stairs, with the prize between them, and they eat vegetarian burger sandwiches.

And many netizens around the world expressed their admiration and admiration for the picture, because of the extreme spontaneity between Joaquin Phoenix and his girlfriend, and their preference for celebrating this way, away from the impressive parties and the noise of the media.

Some tweeted on the photo: “Get a lifetime partner that gives you a purpose for life.”

This is the first Oscar award that Joaquin Phoenix has won, throughout his career, after he was nominated 3 times.

Phoenix won Oscar Best Lead Actor for his role in the controversial movie “The Joker”, which is based on the comic stories of “DC”, and reviews the roots of the most famous villain in the comics “The Joker”, and his transformation from a comedian subjected to frustrations and insults to “The Clown Prince of Crime” “.

The movie “The Joker” also won the Academy Award for Best Soundtrack.

The 92nd Academy Awards were held on Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA.


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