Jayasuriya launches ‘Katanar’ launch teaser


Jayasuriya launches 'Katanar' launch teaser

Jayasurya as Kathanarai

Jayasuriya’s Kathanar’s Announcement Teaser, which tells the story of Kadamattathu Kathanar, has been released. This teaser is a hint of the hero’s look and the theme of the film.The film is being produced by Vijay Babu’s Friday Film House. Rojin is the director of Phillips and the Monkey Pen. The story of Kadamattathu Katanar is familiar to the audience through the film serial. Director Rojin Thomas says about the new film:

“I first heard about Katamattam Katharan from my mother.
When I heard the story of R Ramanant, I was surprised to find that the little boy inside me was still fascinated by the sight of the underworld and the Kalliankattu Neely. I was literally shocked by Ram’s Katharnar concept. What amazed me most was the authenticity of the story, which came from years of Ram’s historical research. Thanks to Jaiten for making me feel like leaving Ram. One of the most powerful and fearless characters in the forest, which we have not seen or known, is this ‘Catharnar …’

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First published: February 14, 2020

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