Ivaylo Petkov: Levski wants to sell expensive maximum one player


Levski Sports Director Ivaylo Petkov interviewed dsport.bg before the CSKA derby. He also talks on the topic of selection. It has announced that the club will split a maximum of one player. And with a good offer that can help the club in the difficult financial situation it is in.

Is the pre-fever of Gehrene already felt?

– I wouldn’t say that, but we are looking forward to the start of the championship. Fortunately, the first game is with CSKA. I hope it will be a footballing holiday – with euphoria.

Did you feel this euphoria from the fans?

– A lot of fans come, donate, everyone they can. We are pleased that the fan table is united and behind the team.

Does that motivate you to be successful in the derby and how do players accept it?

– I hope the players perform well. We expect between 17-18 true blue fans. This will give wings to the players. I hope someone does not burn in the battle that is important. But this is not the most important battle. We have more matches with them.

Will there be a special conversation with you and Peter Hubchev and the players about this “fever”?

– The players are professionals. Playing in front of full stands is best. This is the 12th footballer to help – the fans.

Is Levski well-prepared tactically and physically?

“They’re physically ready. Tactically, they showed a good game of control. I hope we will be better than the first leg of the championship.

Is there anything that bothers you?

– We have 1-2 players not 100%. Everyone else is on alert.

Are Stanislav Ivanov and Simeon Slavchev in line for the derby?

– Yes, they trained 100%. The coach will determine the holders.

Some time ago you said you would make 2-3 transfers. You kept your word. What is your assessment?

– The coach’s desire was to be new to the first camp line. Plus another player was likely to come to us, but not among the speculators. Before the New Year, two other players came to Bulgaria for talks. Of the three players we chose for one position. That goes to Levski. All the drama and trouble happened after the selection was complete. This did not affect the selection.

Talk about outgoing transfers?

– There was a single-player offer, but it was funny and frivolous, and we didn’t even respond. We now know that it is difficult. There is a request but there is no offer. Markets remain open in Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, perhaps. We want to sell expensive football player. And a maximum of one player. But selling a player or players is not on the agenda. If a suitable offer comes up, we’ll look into it. But that should not affect the backbone of the team. There was speculation about Holmar going to Bournemouth – nothing true, for Nuno Reish in Santos – nothing true, for Paulinho in Dynamo Kiev – nothing like that again. When there is something, you will understand it.

Is there a favorite in the derby?

– There is none. The players themselves are tuned in, so we’re lucky to win.

What does it feel like to work in a club where you have collected almost BGN 100,000 in 24 hours.

“It’s something unique. May we continue. Hopefully the fans are behind the team. For these supporters we will give everything.

What’s the appeal to fans and those who hesitate to come?

– Full support, full faith! Sincere support. We are doing our best to move Levski forward.

Levski has refused a favorable offer from Azerbaijan for his titular goalkeeper

Levski has refused a favorable offer from Azerbaijan for his titular goalkeeper

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