It will work here until the age of 70


An aging population is one of Japan’s major problems. This is also the main reason why the government of the country has allowed companies to keep their employees on work to 70 years of age. With this measure, the state also increases the number of people of working age, thus covering the rising costs of social security against the background of the rapidly aging population.

Another way for retirees to work is to implement a project besides increasing the age limit. It is also possible to start a business of their own.

The government plans to legally raise the age limit to 70 by 2021. However, the decision will be preceded by discussions, notably on the high risk of injury.

The government plans to reduce benefits for workers aged 60 to 64.

The forecasts are not optimistic. In 2025, one in three people is expected to be 65 years or older. By 2030, labor shortages in the far country will reach 6.44 million, according to an analysis by Chuo University and Persol Research and Consulting.

Of the 66.6 million employees in 2019, 13%, or 8.62 million, were of retirement age.



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