“It seems logical to me to finish the season with Garcia”


With Gonzalo Garcia, another trainer is under fire at FC Twente. Earlier, Co Adriaanse, Steve McClaren, Alfred Schreuder, René Hake and Gertjan Verbeek died prematurely, while champion maker Marino Pusic also had to leave.

Gerard Marsman, who for many years was the Director of Football Paid Football, notices that FC Twente is a difficult club to work with. “Everywhere the stadiums are emptying, only people at FC Twente and NAC keep coming en masse. That is wonderful and unique, but you also have to realize that all those people think something and want to talk to something about it. That often makes it complex”, says Marsman in conversation with TC Tubantia.

According to the father of former FC Twente goalkeeper Nick Marsman, the duties of the board at FC Twente are not clearly divided. “It is very unclear who is pulling the strings. Is that the general director (Paul van der Kraan, ed.) Or is that the technical director (Ted van Leeuwen, ed.)? And, do they work together sufficiently? It is common knowledge that if it seeps into an organization at the top, it drips at the bottom, “says Marsman.

Marsman wouldn’t just fire Garcia unless it didn’t work between the trainer and the players. “I assume that FC Twente consciously chose Garcia for the coach and the man and also deliberately sought a staff with it. Then it seems logical that you finish the season together.”

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