Israeli minister: There are no Palestinian people


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An intense debate took place in the Israeli Knesset between Arab representatives on the one hand, and an Israeli minister on the other.

She reported Agency “Sama”, this afternoon, Tuesday, that this verbal altercation took place between the Israeli Minister of Communications, Bezalel Smotrich, and the representatives of Arabs, during the speech of the representative of the Joint List, Yusef Jabareen, against the government proposal to extend the “state of emergency” in Israel.

The agency stated that the Jabarin discussed in his speech at the General Assembly the “deal of the century”, specifically to the clause on the displacement of the people of the Triangle in occupied Jerusalem, noting that successive Israeli governments confiscated more than half a million dunums of Triangle lands, from the year 48 until today, as well On denying the rights of the displaced families who were displaced from their villages during the 1948 catastrophe, and demolishing these villages, which infuriated Minister Smotrich.

Smotrich stepped onto the platform of the Israeli Knesset, attacking Arab deputies and citizens. He said, “It will not be a Palestinian state, because there is no Palestinian people.”

According to The Hebrew Channel “The seventh,” the Arab Knesset member, Yousef Jabareen, responded to the Israeli minister, saying: “You are a terrorist, a fascist and a racist.”


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