Is the issue of protests in Iraq internationalized?


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The leader of the “National Coalition” in the Iraqi parliament, Iyad Allawi, revealed yesterday, Monday, the internationalization of the issue of suppressing protesters in Iraq.

Allawi said, “A committee of lawyers began preparing lists of names of those who participated in these crimes in order to submit them to the International Criminal Court.”

Will the Security Council interfere in the file of human rights violations in Iraq? Can Iraqis hold their government accountable internationally?

On this topic, guest of “Where is the truth” on the radio station “Sputnik”, specialized in international law, Dr. Ali Al-Tamimi, says:

“When internal laws fail to solve problems, then the role of the United Nations appears, so killing protesters violates the 1948 Treaty and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Al-Tamimi added, “More than 16 countries have condemned the violations suffered by the demonstrators, including the permanent members, and the progressive Security Council resolutions against Iraq will begin.”

Al-Tamimi added, “The Security Council can form a special court and refer the file of human rights violations in Iraq to it, or refer the file to the International Criminal Court, then the case will be internationalized.”

Details in the attached audio file.

Prepared and presented by: Diaa Hassoun


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