Is the Corona virus transmitted from the air?


A Chinese researcher commented on the possibility of airborne corona virus transmission.

Chinese researcher Fong Lujiao said that so far no evidence has been found that the corona virus has entered the air, and no one has been infected with it, Sputnik reported.

He stressed that rumors that the corona virus could float in the air and were aerobic were incorrect and ruled out the possibility of airborne transmission to humans.

The coronavirus cannot survive in the air, the Chinese researcher added.

He emphasized that the corona virus can only be transmitted to others through communication or drops of saliva or human saliva and there is no other form of transmission.

“Itella cases have been the same as the Corona virus,” said Fong Lujiao. “These people have been in contact with patients for a distance of one or two meters. Become another person’s body.

He strongly advised people to use napkins, hands or sleeves to prevent the spreading of mouth water in space when coughing and sneezing.

It should be noted that the number of people infected with coronavirus in China has exceeded 37,000 people and 900 people have died from the virus.


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