Is “mask” effective in preventing the transmission of coronavirus?


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Experts do not consider the use of masks to prevent coronary artery disease as effective.

Experts do not consider the use of medical masks to protect against coronavirus as very effective, experts say.

“Masks play a very important role in clinical settings, such as hospitals,” said Dr. Jake Dunning. However, there is very little evidence of the benefits of using them outside these environments.

According to the expert, the effectiveness of such a mask depends on the method of inserting and removing it, recycling as well as the time of mask replacement.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of the mask only to those suspected of having the coronavirus or those infected with it, as well as to physicians who are associated with these patients.

Experts say personal hygiene will be more effective than mask for people not infected with the virus. To do this, people should regularly wash their hands with soap, disinfect them with an alcohol detergent, and avoid touching the face with their hands.

Russian virologist Mikhail Shalklanov also points out that using a medical mask does not work 100% because most people do not use the mask properly; the mask should be smooth and proportional to the face and the mask should be replaced every hour.

On December 4, Chinese authorities notified the World Health Organization of an outbreak of an unknown virus in Wuhan. Experts later determined that the cause was coronavirus. According to the latest information released, dozens have died as a result of the virus. The virus is now spreading across China’s borders. Chinese officials have officially confirmed that the virus is transmitted from person to person. The Chinese government is concerned about the spread of the Corona virus, which is why it has quarantined the cities where the virus is spread and has declared that quarantines carried out to prevent the spread of the virus are dangerous. Some countries are also screening incoming travelers from China.


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