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Winnie says that hairdressers are guilty of gender-based discrimination. “Why do men pay less than women at the hairdresser?” She wonders. According to Winnie, the hairdresser is already done with her hair in fifteen minutes. Winnie does not want a fuss, just cut and ready.

Hopefully more male customers

But that is not possible (for women) at Toni & Guy. The ladies walk out the door with blown and polished hair. “We go for luxury,” says Gaby Vernooij, manager of the Toni & Guy building in Kranendonk, during the trial.

And: men also pay less in a number of branches of the barber shop because the company hopes to gain more male clients this way.

Pink tax

Hairdressing salons are not the only things that consciously charge higher prices for women. Razor blades, clothing and skin and hair products, for example, are usually more expensive – that is also calledpink tax‘ called.

Women’s products cost on average 7 percent more, even though it is exactly the same product as the male variant, but the price can also be much higher. Men simply don’t have the money for it.

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