Is it even wilder than some people find?


Sometimes we read words or phrases in dictionaries that have nothing to do with the realities of human life, such as human rights – human rights – wildlife – civilization …

Sputnik – A few days ago I was watching an image released in Spain showing a cow kissing a man.

The man had been raising the cow for years, then sold the cow for the famous bullfighting campaign, and the cowboys were miserable with their swords, and the cow instinctively ran over him and kissed him when he saw his owner nearby. To save him, unaware that the man had sold the cow to the altar for fun.

Can such a person be called a human?

I remember when I was a kid my mom bought me chickens and chickens grew up to become big cockers. Once when I was not home my big brother and uncle came and cut the heads off. Where the chicken was, I didn’t hit it because I thought it might be from my cock.

Then how can a man raise an animal and send it to the altar for fun?

Of course, I told this story to talk about the atrocities of some people who consider themselves human.

In general, animals only attack others on two conditions, one being fear and one starving, the latter being the nature of some animals, and God created human beings to kill for their need to live, not for fun.

No animal ever kills its fellow humans to eat even the most predatory animals.

No animal produces weapons that will kill all of its fellow humans.

No animal produces biological weapons to harm its neighbors and then sell the drug for more money.

No animal kills another animal to earn money.

No animal kills its kind for fun.

No animal kills its kind to prove it.

No animal harasses its fellow animal for fun.

No animal kills its fellow man for domination.

No animal kills thousands of its fellow humans in soil and blood to control the land and property of other animals, which they cannot use at all.

No animal will kill or kill other animals for false allegations.

But some people do.

They are ready to kill other people without even blinking.

There are some who think of themselves as human beings, but are willing to show up to other people for power.

There are some who consider themselves human, but are willing to kill thousands of others for blood and blood to take possession of others.

Some claim humanity, but are willing to produce weapons that destroy all of humanity.

Some claim to be human, but for the sake of money they violate all human standards.

Some claim to be human but are willing to do many things that no animal is willing to do.

Some claim to be human but they do not owe animals or humans, they are more predatory than animals.

Some claim to be human but easily watch the killing of thousands and thousands of children, women, children, and people, and close their eyes.

Some claim to be human but refuse to slice other people because they oppose them in the most outrageous ways and go the right way.

Where have we really come from, is this really the way God created us?

Do some people think that after death they can bring something of what they have achieved in this world?

Isn’t it time for all human beings to work out that all human beings are as God created them for?

The points raised in this article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sputnik editorial board.


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