Iraq is interested in Russian weapons used in the campaign against Daesh


The Russian weapons, which proved their worth during the anti-terrorist operation in Syria, are of interest to the Iraqi armed forces, according to the Russian ambassador to Iraq, Maksim Maksimov.

Iraqi military ensured quality of Russian weapons during counterterrorism operation against ISIS * in Iraq.

“Interest in Russian anti-aircraft systems, especially S-400 missile systems, has increased in light of recent events […]. If we receive requests from Iraq, we are ready to consider them, “said the diplomat.

The Wall Street Journal announced in mid-January, referring to members of the Iraqi parliament, that Iraq was studying the idea of ​​purchasing S-400 surface-to-air systems and that it had already started negotiations this subject with Moscow.

According to Maksimov, Baghdad has yet to send any requests on the matter.

“We always say that we are ready to help the Iraqi government strengthen its defense potential. Russia produces modern war materials for all military branches, including air defense […]. We expect to see our Iraqi friends in Russia at the MAKS and Army-2020 arms fairs, “said Maksimov.

S-300 or S-400 for Iraq?

Iraq’s chief deputy secretary of the Middle East Office in the US Department of State, Joey Hood, says that Iraq faces US sanctions if it purchases S-400 from Russia.

On January 9, after the American strike against Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Iraqi authorities announced that they had resumed negotiations with Moscow on the purchase of S-300 surface-to-air systems. This type of system is already in use in the armies of countries neighboring Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Another country in the region, Turkey, has S-400 systems. The purchase of these weapons has earned Turkey its exclusion from the F-35 program by the United States, its ally in NATO.

* Terrorist organization prohibited in Russia


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