Iran’s missile defense industry is self-sufficient


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Sabahi Fard: We don’t need any aliens in various sophisticated specialties like the missile defense industry.

The Iranian Air Force Commander stated that the country does not need foreigners in complex repair areas and complex specialties such as the missile defense industry.

“Thanks to the Islamic Revolution, conditions have changed so much that we didn’t have the slightest technical know-how needed before the revolution, and we needed advisers and foreigners,” said Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard.

Now, with the most experienced specialists in the various defense and industrial fields, we not only need foreigners in sophisticated areas of expertise such as the missile defense industry, but also the ability to export all kinds of equipment, technology and knowledge to these industries around the world. “

Iran’s defense industry has many factories producing weapons and military equipment. Iran, which was one of the largest arms importers before the revolution, predicts a Washington-based think-tank could become an air defense exporter in the future.

Iran announced in 2006 that it had succeeded in building the Pisces torpedo, the fastest torpedo in the world and capable of targeting many US submarines. The torch had a wide media coverage. In 2009, the Revolutionary Guards unveiled the torpedo during a naval exercise.

In one report, the Stockholm International Peace Studies Institute estimated Iran’s revenues from the sale of weapons between 2010 and 2014 at around $ 200 million. According to the agency, Iran exported about $ 9 million worth of weapons in 2015, up from $ 20 million in 2017. This figure is very low compared to the export of military equipment to countries in the region, including Turkey, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.


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