Iran’s first step in sending humans into space


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Iran’s Minister of Communications said that the first step in sending Iranian astronauts into space was that the plan to build two space capsules for human transport had begun.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi at the Space Technologies Forum held at the Communications Museum said: “We ordered the construction of a 6-kilometer spacecraft carrying human spacecraft to the Ministry of Science’s Aerospace Research Institute,” Sputnik reported.

He said this would be the first step in deploying an Iranian astronaut to space that will be built within six years.

Azeri Jahromi said that the explorers have been under investigation so far, adding: “We have already ordered the construction of 4 explorers for a robot up to 2 kilometers from Earth and weighing 1.9 kilometers, which will be the prototype for human readiness to land.” Was.

The minister said the project is being carried out with international cooperation and will have a major impact on the advancement of Iran’s spatial knowledge of space exploration.


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