Iran’s ambassador: New parliament will support expansion of relations with Russia


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Iranian ambassador to Iran, Kazem Jalali, emphasized the support of the new parliament for expansion of relations with Russia.

Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, said at a news conference in Moscow in response to a Sputnik reporter on the role of the future Iranian parliament in Russian-Iranian relations. Both the Iranian leadership, the presidency, the government and the Iranian parliament want to expand relations with Russia, and I found this approach honest in my meetings with the country’s authorities, and they emphasized to me that we We can differentiate our relationships in different ways. ”

“Iran’s election will certainly not change this policy, but it will strengthen it, and I am confident that our next parliament will also seek to expand relations with neighboring countries, and especially with the Russian Federation,” he added.

It is noted that the election of Iran’s 11th Majlis will be held on 2 March and, on the other hand, with the Guardian Council commenting on the competence of the candidates, one can expect that the composition of the Majlis will face serious changes.


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