Iranian Defense Ministry: Zafar satellite launches as soon as possible


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The Iranian Defense Ministry said it was launching the Zafar satellite as soon as possible.

Ahmad Hosseini, a spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Defense, said: “The satellites were moved to Simurgh and Zafar satellites to launch the Imam Khomeini Space Base.

“The nature of research and technological projects is that there is a planning process in the process, and the process steps go according to planning, and according to the results of each step and the analysis,” he said. With data and results happening, decisions are needed to continue.

A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Defense continued: “The first time all conditions are met will be launch operations.

Hosseini reiterated that the Zafar satellite launching process on the Simorgh satellite is complicated due to testing of new technologies.

“What is important in executing this project is step-by-step data collection and analysis so that our scientists can take the next steps for future projects by analyzing data,” he said.

Ahmad Hosseini stressed: “Success at launch will be an achievement and we hope that these achievements will bring us to the ultimate goal and successfully put the satellite in orbit.”


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