Investigation completed: ‘MIT plot’ Erdogan collapsed when he was late for surgery


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The investigation on the summoning of 5 MIT officials, including the Undersecretary of the National Intelligence Agency (MIT), Hakan Fidan, on February 7, 2012, has been completed. It was stated that the time when the MIT officials were called for expression was coincided with the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s surgery time, and the caliper collapsed when Erdogan entered the surgery late.

After being detained in the KCK operation of the Istanbul Specially Authorized Public Prosecutor’s Office, he was released and was a journalist. National Intelligence OrganizationTurned out to be working in Mustafa OzerThe investigation launched on the complaint made in April 2015 was completed after 5 years.

According to the news of Ayşegül Usta from Hürriyet Undersecretary of MIT Hakan Fidan Prime Minister of the time, including 5 MİT officials, including Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘It was stated that the operation was coincided with the operation time and the caliper collapsed when Erdogan entered the surgery late’.

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation BureauMustafa Özer and the President, who was the prime minister at that time, in the 154-page indictment prepared by Recep Tayyip Erdogan61. government members and Hakan Fidan, who was summoned to testify on February 7, 2012, ex-Undersecretary of MIT Emre TanerMIT employees Fatma Disaster Sun, Yasar Hakan Lightning, Hussein Emre KUZUOĞLU32 people including, were victims.

In the indictment, on September 13, 2011,Oslo interviewsIt is stated that sound recordings known as’ leaked to the press.

Gülen is also in the indictment

FETÖ leader Fethullah Gulen, former police chiefs Ali Fuat Yılmazer, Erol Demirhan, Kazım Aksoy, Yurt Atayün, Serdar Bayraktutan and the organization’s’ at that timesafety, judgment and MYTH 34 people, including 15 imams, were suspicious in the indictment.

To 34 defendants, including Gülen, “attempting to eliminate the government”, “establishing and managing an armed terrorist organization”, “providing information that the state needs to remain confidential” for political or military espionage, “violation of confidentiality” and “forgery in a qualified official document” prison sentences ranging from 26 years to aggravated life sentences were requested.

At that time, former prosecutors called on 5 MİT officials, including Hakan Fidan, to testify. Bilal Bayraktar and Sadrettin Sarikaya about these allegations and other charges Supreme CourtReminding that a lawsuit has been filed in, a decision not to prosecute has been made.

Following the approval of the prosecutor, the indictment was sent to the 23rd Assize Court in Istanbul.


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