Investigation against Bangladesh MP who left Kuwait


KUWAIT CITY: An investigation into a Bangladeshi parliamentarian who left the country after selling visas in Kuwait has been tightened. Kuwait’s intelligence unit has launched an investigation against three Bangladeshis, including a member of the Bangladesh Parliament, in a case involving a five-crore dinar (about Rs 1100 crore) visa.

One of the accused was arrested in Kuwait yesterday. Investigations have revealed that two of the prime accused, including a Member of Parliament, had fled the country. One of the accused is currently a member of the Bangladesh Parliament and a member of the board of directors of a bank in Bangladesh. His wife is also a member of the Bangladesh Parliament.

He had brought about 20,000 Bangladeshi workers to the country in a government contract agreement with the Kuwait-based major sanitation company. The average visa for each worker is from 1800 to 2500 dinars and the driver’s visa is charged from 2500 to 3,000 dinars.

But the scam comes after workers complained to authorities after they had not been paid their salaries for the past five months. They were not paid the salary shown in the contract. Following the investigation, the Kuwaiti parliamentarian and another accused left Kuwait until last week.

Investigators were informed that five luxury cars were gifted to officials of various government agencies in Kuwait. This was in order to influence the officials to get a clean contract for various government projects. His firm had bid on various government contracts for cleanliness at the lowest rates. And accounting for the sale of thousands of visas granted to the contractor.

In addition to human trafficking, they have also been involved in crimes including money laundering. The company’s license and contract were frozen by the Human Resources Committee when the fraud emerged. The incident was also discussed in the Kuwait parliament. Safa al-Hashim MP sought more information about this in the House.

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