“International Alliance” Our forces returned fire, in northeastern Syria



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The US-led international coalition said that its forces opened fire today, Wednesday, at a checkpoint in northeastern Syria, after it came under small arms fire.

The coalition said in a statement that the patrol had returned to the base, according to “Reuters”.

The Syrian media had reported the killing of a civilian, a Syrian citizen, today, Wednesday, by the American army fire east of Qamishli.

Quotes Agency Syrian “SANA” reported from its correspondent in Hasaka that “a civilian martyr was killed by the American occupation forces shooting at the people of Khirbet Amo village east of Qamishli, who gathered at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint to prevent American vehicles from passing.”

The reporter also mentioned that “the people of the village damaged 4 armored vehicles of the American occupation, and after that the occupation forces brought in reinforcements for the place, including 5 armored vehicles.”


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