Information: China wants to use “Su-57” technologies in its fighters


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Chinese experts have praised the Su-57 5th generation Russian multi-function fighter, and they have related plans.

According to Military Watch, China is one of the main potential buyers of the Su-57.

It is reported that two Chinese J-11B and J-16 fighters were created by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation on the basis of the Russian Su-27. It will be replaced by the new generation fighter on the basis of the Su-57.

According to the designer Shenyang Wang Yongqing, China is interested in the Su-57, and can import it, including for studies, if possible, because Russian technology in the Su-57 will help improve Chinese fighters, and according to the expert, the receipt of technologies with Buying the Su-57 would be useful for Chinese fighters like G-11D and G-20.

When comparing the Su-57 and the G-20 “Black Eagle”, it is noted that both planes are designed to achieve superiority in the air, but they are very different. The G-20 has advanced avionics and excellent masking capabilities. At the same time, the Su-57 is a machine that is more capable of Maneuvering, diversifying and utilizing a number of unique technologies, including radar and protection systems, are more suitable for performing hit missions and can carry an impressive arsenal from “air-to-air” missiles to hypersonic anti-ship missiles.

AndThe post said “This enables the Su-57 to operate as an effective naval fighter, complementing the capabilities of the J-20 as a private fighter to achieve air superiority. Also, the development of the Su-57 variants of aircraft carriers may be of interest to the naval fleet.”


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