Information: an obstacle in the face of the US military in the event of a confrontation with Russia


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The rivers are considered a major natural obstacle to the army of the United States of America while confrontation with Russia has taken place, while a large number of bridges will have to be used in combat zones.

The American “Breaking Defense” website stated that the rivers will pose a major obstacle to the American army if confrontation with Russia occurs.

According to the site, when a confrontation occurred between the two armies, the region that will witness these acts will be in Eastern Europe, where large plains spread over a large number of rivers.

One of these rivers is the Wisla River, which runs through Poland from south to north, which requires “NATO” forces to use many bridges to enhance the progress or retreat of its forces, of which few bear weights of up to 55 tons.

This puts a number of weapons weighing more than 55 tons (up to 60) at risk if transported, including the “M1 Abrams” and the British “Challanger II” and the German “Leopard II”.

It will not be safe to use these bridges for this type of weapon, at a time when bridges were built in Eastern Europe to bear the weight of Soviet tanks weighing up to 45 tons.

Andhe added The site states that, despite the technical development of the American engineering forces to build bridges under fire, these capabilities are limited and cannot counter even one of the largest rivers in Eastern Europe.


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