Indonesia decides to evacuate 74 people from the Diamond Princess


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An Indonesian immigrant, Minister of Development of Indonesia, stressed that his country is “committed” to evacuating 74 of its citizens from the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

The Corona Diamond, anchored off the Japanese city of Yokohama, appeared on the Coronavirus, and was quarantined on February 3, with 3,700 passengers and crew on board.

The Indonesian minister said today, Thursday, to reporters that the government is still studying whether to return them by sea or air, according to “Reuters”.

A Foreign Ministry official said that four Indonesians from the Diamond Princess crew were infected with the virus.

Japan announced today, Thursday, the death of the first two cases infected with the Corona virus from the passengers of the “Diamond Princess”.

Hundreds of people got off the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship in Japan on Wednesday, after keeping them on board for more than two weeks in quarantine, while criticism escalated for Tokyo on its handling of the largest outbreak of the Corona virus outside China.

Passengers whose tests were negative and showed no signs of illness were able to leave the ship. There was talk of leaving about 500 yesterday, Wednesday, with the rest of those allowed to leave within the next two days. Confirmed HIV infections will be taken to hospital, while those who have stayed in rooms with infected passengers may be kept on board.

About half of the passengers and crew are Japanese. Other countries have said that they will return and isolate their citizens upon arrival. The United States has evacuated more than 300 Americans from the ship to air bases in California and Texas this week.


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