India’s first astronaut: winters in Russia are darker than outer space


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Describing space travel in 1984, Rakesh Sharma, India’s first astronaut, said that Russia was affected by long dark days in winter, and winters were darker than space.

Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma noted that he had various difficulties during his stay in space, but the long dark days in Russia also made him very difficult.

4 Indian astronauts are trained in Russia for India’s first manned space mission. Speaking to Russia Today Rakesh Sharma, India’s first astronaut, talked about his impressions on the space travel in 1984.

Soviet Soyuz T-11 in 1984 Sharma, who is in the crew of three people going to space by spacecraft, “Personally, this was a life-changing development. My experience was amazing “ said.

Stating that someone who has no problem falling asleep in the world will not have any problems in space, Sharma said. “There comes a moment when your body is dying to rest and want to sleep. What the astronauts actually deprived of in space is the feeling of relaxation when you lie on the bed after a busy working day.” used expressions.

“Working for a long time in a closed environment in space is a challenging situation for the crew. It is not an easy life. Antarctica would be easier to travel because even if you have to live in a cold and closed environment, you can go out and walk in the snow” She added that the food that protects astronauts from stress is food, so many kinds of food, including Indian food, are provided and they see the benefit.

Before going to space in 1984, where 4 Indian astronauts are currently preparing, near Moscow, Star City Yuriy Gagarin at the Astronaut Rearing Center received training.

Sharma, who also recounts his memories during his stay in Russia, the darkest air said it affected.

Sharma, “What pushes me the most in Russia is that the winters pass through the dark in space in Russia. The air in the space only stays dark for 45 minutes and then the sun rises. In Russia, the darkness lasts much longer from October to February.” said.


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