In Denizli, the chief physician and unit manager complained about each other with the allegation of assault: an investigation was launched.


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Chief Doctor Mehmet Erkaleli at Denizli State Hospital complained to the police about Support Services and Quality Manager Harun Sağnak, for allegedly attacking him in the administrative building of the hospital, squeezing his throat and punching him. Sağnak also complained of Erkaleli with the allegation of assault. An investigation was launched into the incident.

The incident occurred in the administrative building of Denizli State Hospital yesterday around 09.30. A controversy arose between the Hospital’s Support Services and Quality Manager Harun Sağnak and chief physician Mehmet Erkaleli.

Sagnak, who is claimed not to follow the instructions given by the chief physician, attacked the Chief Physician Erkaleli after the discussion. Erkaleli, whose throat was squeezed and claimed to have a fist blow to his head, asked for a ‘white code’ help in the hospital. Upon request for help, security guards intervened. Chief Physician Erkaleli, who received a assault report, went to the police station and complained. Harun Sağnak also received a battering report and complained about Mehmet Erkaleli.

Denizli Provincial Health Director Berna Öztürk said that a judicial and administrative investigation was launched into the incident.

Denizli Governorship made a statement regarding the incident.

In the statement, the following were recorded:

“An administrative and judicial investigation was initiated in Denizli State Hospital on February 10, 2020 between the support and quality manager HS and the chief doctor, Dr. ME, in the local and national press. The contract of H.S, the director of support and quality services at Denizli State Hospital, was suspended pursuant to Article 11, paragraph 5, of the service contract he signed with the Ministry of Health in accordance with Decree No. 663. “


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