Imprisonment for corruption of relatives of Bouteflika continues in Algeria


Former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s ex-protocol chief was jailed in Algiers on Monday (February 24th) with four influential businessmen in connection with “[d’]corruption cases and [de] influence peddling, “reported the APS, which said four other individuals were placed under judicial supervision.

As part of the fight against corruption in Algeria, the ex-protocol chief of ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Mokhtar Reguieg, was placed on Monday February 24 under arrest warrant, judicial sources told the official Algeria agency Press Service (APS).
Thus, the APS specifies that the respondent is prosecuted in the context of “[d’]corruption cases and [de] influence peddling. ”
In the same case involving the former senior official, four businessmen, namely Haddad Ali, a relative of Saïd Bouteflika, the younger brother of the former President of the Republic, Metidji Hocine Mansour, Metidji M’hamed Zoubir and Ouaroune Ahmed were also placed under arrest warrant.

Also in the same case, five other suspects were placed under judicial supervision, including the former director general of the Algerian Interprofessional Cereals Office (OAIC) ​​Mohamed Belabdi.

Bouteflika’s brother heavily condemned

Said Bouteflika and two former Algerian intelligence chiefs, namely general of the army Mohamed Lamine Mediene and general major Athmane Tartag, were sentenced on Monday February 10 to appeal to 15 years in prison by the military court of Blida for conspiracy against the army and the state.
The three ex-senior officials are accused of having met in March 2019 to develop a “destabilization plan” for the army high command who then publicly demanded the departure of Bouteflika to get out of the Hirak crisis, started on February 22 against the prospect of a fifth term for the ex-President.

Incarcerated since May, the defendants have appealed against their conviction. The verdict was released on September 25 after a closed trial.


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